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Create and track tickets as well as collect evidence without leaving Conveyor.


Conveyor’s JIRA integration gives compliance teams the ability to delegate tickets to collaborators in the system they work in and passes ticket activity, details, and status from JIRA to Conveyor so the team can monitor the status of the ticket and what has been done all without leaving Conveyor.

Create JIRA Tickets from Conveyor

When a task needs work done from another team such as engineering, the compliance team can create a JIRA ticket from Conveyor which automatically populates with all the information needed to complete the task.

Automate Tickets for Recurring Tasks

Recurring compliance tasks automatically generate JIRA tickets when they need to be completed.

Ticket Activity Tracking

Ticket activity, details, status, attachments, and resolutions are pushed to Conveyor from Jira as changes occur so the compliance team can validate ticket status in a fraction of the time without leaving Conveyor.

Automated Activity History

Conveyor keeps a history of all of the tickets generated in JIRA, making it easy to show auditors what’s being done around security and compliance.

Status Notifications

Conveyor automatically notifies compliance team members of changes in ticket status, tickets that are coming due, and tasks that are overdue.

How to use Conveyor and JIRA

  • Automatically delegate tickets to collaborators.
  • Automatically sync and view ticket activity including changes, issues, and resolutions.